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Sick/Fit Note

From July 2022, fit notes can be certified and issued by nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists and physiotherapists, as well as doctors, and no longer require to be signed.
Sick notes can only be issued when they are due, although they can be back dated they cannot be future dated. Please do not request emergency appointments for a Sick/Fit Note.

Sickness certificates for school

Sickness certification – LMC guidance
GPs are not contractually obliged to provide a sick note for children who are off sick from school
(ref GPC website Jan 2010). In normal circumstances when a child has been absent from school,
the parent should give the child a note to take into school when he/she returns explaining the
reason for absence.
Most minor illnesses are self-limiting and do not require contact with a general practitioner or a
medical certificate. The GP’s role is to provide advice and treatment for childhood illnesses,
when needed, to facilitate an early return to school.
In cases of prolonged illness (five days or earlier if there are parental concerns), parents should
telephone their GP for medical advice and will be offered telephone advice and/or an
appointment if clinically necessary. Medical certification for short term illness is not appropriate
and should not be requested as standard school policy.
On the rare occasion medical evidence is deemed necessary by the school, due to recurrent
absences related to illness, a request may be made in writing by a senior member of staff, with
the parent’s informed and written consent, and a fee will be payable.
GPs can only give a private medical certificate when they have documentary evidence to confirm
actual illness; i.e. from the date that the child has sought medical advice. This is a ‘private’
certificate and the GP is entitled to charge a fee for this service. Retrospective certificates are not
valid and should not be issued. Doctors should exercise caution when asked to provide medical
certificates based on hearsay.

A fee of £15 will be charged

If you are off work due to a Hospital admission, a Sick Note can be issued by the Hospital to cover the period of time you were in the Hospital. Once discharged, your GP can issue a Sick Note, based on your Hospital discharge letter. If you think this is your situation, our Reception Team will assist you.

Please note a Sick or Fit Note can be backdated; please discuss this when you see your GP. Emergency or urgent appointments should not be used to request Sick / Fit notes.


If you have been sick for more than four days in a row, but less than seven, you can self–certify your illness using a SC2 form. You can obtain this form from your employer or the HMRC website. If you are unwell for more than four days you are advised to contact the surgery to assess your fitness to work.

More than seven days off sick

If you’re off work sick for more than seven days your employer will normally ask for a Fit Note (or Statement of Fitness for Work) from your GP or Hospital Doctor.

How to count sick days

When you work out the number of days that you’ve been sick, you need to count all the days in a row you’ve been sick, including days you don’t normally work such as weekends and bank holidays.

Statement of Fitness for Work

The Doctor will provide you with a Statement of Fitness for Work (‘Fit Note’) if you are still not well enough to work. Your employer will most likely request this statement as evidence to support payment of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

Further information is available at the Direct.Gov website.

When do I need a Fit Note?

The NHS Information website provides further details about Sick or Fit Notes.

Private Certificates

If you or your employer require further information concerning your period(s) of illness , then your Doctor may require to issue you with a letter. Please note that a charge may apply for this service. Please check with our Reception Desk.