Clinical Pharmacists

Clinical pharmacist appointments are available at Queenswood Medical Practice.  ‚Äč

Appointments can be booked by the practice or online.

Patricia Emumwen

Sophie Murray

Claudine Gaffar

Reviewing medicines and long-term conditions
If you are taking long-term medication, you should be seen for a review at least once a year. The clinical pharmacist can review all your medicines, discuss how they are working for you, carry out health checks and arrange a blood test if needed.

Medication queries  
Any questions or concerns you may have about your medicines can be discussed with the clinical pharmacist. For example, this could be regarding side-effects, interactions, medication use in pregnancy/breastfeeding.  

After a stay in hospital
If your medicines have been changed while you were in hospital, the clinical pharmacist can help explain these changes and ensure you get the maximum benefit from these medicines.

Common illnesses
If you are suffering from a common illness such as a cold or hay fever, you may be reviewed by the clinical pharmacist instead of your GP. You will always be referred to a GP if there is a need.

If your query is non-urgent, please visit and use the symptom checker for further advice on self-care and how to get the right help. If you are experiencing severe chest pains, breathing difficulties or require urgent medical attention, call 999. Please avoid coming in to the surgery unless asked to do so as we continue to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Thank you for your patience and understanding.