Blood pressure recording and Lifestyle advice

We encourage patients with hypertension to check their blood pressure at home and letting their GP know the results.

We strongly advise purchasing a home BP machine – or alternatively, loaning one from our practice.

Check your BP twice a week for 2 weeks – recording the best of 3.

If well controlled below 135/85 at home, please let us know yearly.

If your readings are not well controlled, please inform us via the review function in an eConsult.

Help on how to measure your blood pressure at home can be found here.

Please click here to find out what your blood pressure reading means.

For general advice about hypertension, please click here.

If your blood pressure readings are above 160/105 or below 80/50 and you feel unwell, please call 111 or urgently contact your GP for advice.

If your query is non-urgent, please visit and use the symptom checker for further advice on self-care and how to get the right help. If you are experiencing severe chest pains, breathing difficulties or require urgent medical attention, call 999. Thank you for your patience and understanding.