Friends and Family Test

Results from April 2015

Would you recommend this surgery to your Friends and Family?

Extremely Likely 27
Likely 1
Neither Likely or Unlikely 1
Unlikely 2
Extremely Unlikely 3
Don’t Know 1

Just want to say ive never experienced such a fantastic surgery. The reception staff are always so polite and helpful and see my son at a moments notice if its needed. Dr Hamlyns care has been A*- NHS as its best.
Difficulty obtaining an appt with a named GP. No COC. Deliberate systematic refusal to refer patient to hospital specialist for non-routine health concerns and investigations,.
My daughter saw the final year medical student and he was really kind to her.
I have been in this country since 1975. I have never been so happy at a GP as I have been with you. Keep up the good work.
Doctors Fab- reception staff not enough. When the queue nearly goes down the stairs another one magically appear. No health posters, community notices. Nothing for children. You know you have to wait even on time Is beyond boring and frustrating for all.
Inefficiency & terrible telephone answering service, conflicting answers by various staff, untrained & unhelpful in dealing with very patient patients need to overhaul the phone answering system and speak to qualified staff.
I would not recommend this practice to anyone. 50p for a copy of a sicknote. Outrageous
There’s little point promoting dementia care if your GP is unwilling to assist you by offering the services of a dietitian, physio and care package. My father suffered unnecessarily and so did his carer because of the GP.
Great staff, always helpful and never leave feeling dissatisfied.

Results from March 2015

Would you recommend this surgery to your Friends and Family?

Extremely Likely 129
Likely 26
Neither Likely or Unlikely 5
Extremely Unlikely 18
Don’t Know 1

I am so delighted to be a patient at the Queenswood Medical Practice, no matter what ailment I have. The practice has always done the best to help me. The practice does their very best to ease my pain no matter what I need to see the Doctors. God bless everyone at the practice.
Dr Barbara Brayford & Dr Ola Alwitry are excellent
Our son has been ill 7 times in the past 3 months. The Doctor explored the possibility for a diagnosis via blood tests, ENT examination at the practice & checking him regularly. Fantastic Service.
The receptionists are very polite and do their best to accommodate us. The availability of nurses is awesome and their help is full of knowledge, when our family has an emergency need.
I have a specific GP (Dr Prentice) allocated to me as I have multiple health conditions. This makes me feel very safe and cared for. Dr Prentice knows my notes thoroughly and listens to understand my needs. This leads to productive short time appointments, that keeps us both happy.
My experience is usually always a good one in the sense that the service standards are quite good. Wait times as always could be better.
Very Happy with care by GP.
Excellent service. NHS is great. Needs to be properly funded not privatised.
Results from February 2015

Would you recommend this surgery to your Friends and Family?

Extremely Likely- 115

Likely- 26

Neither- 6

Unlikely- 3

Extremely Unlikely- 7

My Doctor is really good to me Dr Costi
Yes of course happy with Dr Costi
Prompt and Friendly Service
I think the entire service, building, Doctors and Staff are outstanding. All surgeries should be like this model.
I have seen Dr Feroz Messenger, spoken to an extremely lovely and professional receptionists this morning ‘Bernie’ and i’m satisfied with my care
Being for 10 years with them I am feeling very happy
Can always get an appointment especially for my son at short notice and the practice team are great.
Waiting times for appointments. Appointments not registered.
Impossible to get an appointment, reception staff don’t seem to be able to use booking system.
Waited 50 minutes to see Doctor for a booked appointment! Rubbish.


Results from January 2015

Would you recommend this surgery to your Friends and Family?

Extremely Likely 139
Likely 31
Neither Likely or Unlikely 4
Extremely Unlikey 3
Don’t Know 7


Excellent appointment and telephone system when needed.
The receptionist who spoke to me on the phone was very helpful. Big thumbs up to reception here front of house is important.
Very helpful staff on telephone and on reception. Appointments obtained quickly and Dr very professional
I have the greatest confidence in all the Drs
Dr Ellerby is very kind and patient. Excellent.


Results from December 2014

Would you recommend this surgery to your Friends and Family?

139 Responses

Extremely Likely: 104

Likely: 29

Neither Likely or Unlikely: 2

Extremely Unlikely: 4

Don’t Know: 0

Example of some comments:

Very Helpful & Friendly

 Doctors very helpful & supportive

 An efficient and very conscientious practice, I feel as if I am in safe hands.


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