Teaching & Training

We are proud to be a training practice and have worked with many young doctors during their final GP training. Many GP trainees have gone on to work for us. We also have medical students joining us from time to time.

More recently we have been developing training for nurses and nurse practitioners.

At all times our trainees are managed and supervised by senior staff.

Queenswood is also a “community teaching practice” for Kings College London School of Medicine. With the supervision of our Doctors and nurses, medical students, may with your consent in advance, join your consultation. This is one way that medical students learn to become good doctors and understand patient views about your care. We appreciate your help with their learning. Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

If your query is non-urgent, please visit www.nhs.uk and use the symptom checker for further advice on self-care and how to get the right help. If you are experiencing severe chest pains, breathing difficulties or require urgent medical attention, call 999. Thank you for your patience and understanding.