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Your Blood Test and Results

The blood test service is run by Whittington Health. Blood test appointments need to be authorised by a clinician who will add blood test forms to your notes.

Whittington Health are rollling out a new online booking system for blood tests called Swiftqueue across their sites. You can book your appointment online via

Sites available for over 16s:

Hornsey Central (practice site)

Appointments available between 8:30-13:00 Monday to Friday through Swiftqueue.

Please check in at the ground floor reception at the time of your test. They will provide you with your blood test forms. Please then come up to the first floor and take a seat opposite the phlebotomy rooms (to the right hand side of the stairs). Your name will be on the TV screen and show that you are waiting, it will alert you when it it is your turn and which room to go into.

Whittington Hospital

Appointments available between 8:30 -16:00 Monday to Friday via Swiftqueue.

Sites for over 18s:

Wood Green CDC

Appointments available 8.30-16.30 Monday to Friday and 9-16.30 on Saturdays. Limited walk-in appointments are available until 12.30 each day.

Appointments for this site are not currently booked using Swiftqueue. The practice can book this for you or give you a text or paper document on how to book this yourself online.

Blood tests for under 16s:

Blood test appointments for under 16s need to be booked by a clinician. The Swiftqueue system is not used for this age group.

Whittington Hospital site only


Sample containers for stool and urine samples, swabs can be collected at the reception desk. You will be provided with a sticky label with your details to place on the container, a paper test request form, and a specimen bag. This pack can be posted in the black sample bin in front of the reception desk.

If the containers are unlabelled and/or a form is not included, the laboratory will be unable to process the sample and this will need to be repeated.

Urine samples

Urine samples for a dipstick test need to be handed back at the reception desk so a clinician can test it at the practice. A paper test request form is not needed. Please do not place these samples in the black sample bin as they will not be tested.

Please do not bring a urine sample to the practice unless this has been discussed with and agreed by a clinician as they will be unable to be accepted at reception.


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After you have attended for your blood tests, swabs: Please check your results online using NHS login/app or Patient Access.  

A comment will be left by a clinician on the results as to whether further action is needed. It is the responsibility of patients to check their results. The practice will only contact you if there is a significantly abnormal result or if urgent follow up is required.

Alternatively if you do not have online access, please call the practice 1 week after your test after 9:30am.

You will be asked for some personal details when calling, this is to confirm your identity. The receptionist has the right to refuse the release of medical information if he/she feels that it does not pertain to the person calling. We hope that our patients find our high standards of confidentiality satisfactory with regard to releasing this type of information.

Investigations requested by your hospital team

If a test was arranged by your hospital team rather than our practice clinicians, the result will be sent to the requesting team and we will be unable to get these results for you. Please follow up with the relevant hospital department directly to obtain these.

Please note that we do have a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection. In this respect we will only give out results to the person they relate to unless that person has given prior permission for their release or if they are not capable of understanding them.

Types of test

For information on what your laboratory test results mean please visit Lab Tests Online.

Please note, this website does not give you access to your actual results, but will provide an explanation of what the varying tests are and what the results mean.